Kishore Kumar – Asha Bhosle / Laxmikant-Pyarelal Overlooked Quadruple

:: Kishore Kumar – Asha Bhosle / Laxmikant-Pyarelal :: 

Overlooked Quadruple 

It was a surprise when I saw the list of the songs rendered by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle under music directors, Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The song list contains 94 songs. 

One should also not forget that Asha Bhosle herself has rendered 494 songs under the music directors Laxmikant-Pyarelal. 

Not to forget Kishore Kumar and Laxmikant-Pyarelal 402 songs

It is very unfortunate for the music lovers that the Quadruple of Kishore Kumar – Asha Bhosle and Laxmikant-Pyarelal is being overlooked. Few of the hit songs of this quadruple are being reviewed. The song from Karz ‘ek haseena thi’ remains top favourite, as on today. Very strange, it did not appear in the Binaca Geetmala Finals of 1980.

There are many films which contain two / three songs of Kishore Kumar – Asha Bhosle. 

1977  Chhaila Babu      Three Songs

1977  Dildaar        Four Songs

1979  Lok Parlok  Three Songs

1980  Bandish    Three Songs

1980  Judai         Two Songs.

1980  Nishana     Three Songs

1980  Ram Balram  Two Songs

1981  Waqt Ki Deewar  Two Songs

1981  Samrat   Two Songs

1983 Bequrar   Two Songs

1983 Prem Tapasya  Two Songs

1985 Baye Haath Ka Khel  Three Songs

1986 Swarg Se Sundar  Three Songs.

Not sure, these 94 numbers of the songs, are likely to be the highest numbers of Kishore Kumar – Asha Bhosle duets under any music directors. 

Binaca Geetmala :- 

Many of the songs from this Quadruple appeared in Weekly Countdown. Few could get the entry in the finals, an annual program.

1975  No 21 Jijaji Jijaji “Ponga Pandit”

1977  No 18 Yaar Dildar Tuze  “Chhaila Babu”

1977  No 17  Teri Meri Shadi  “Dildar”

1981  No 07  Mar Gayi Muze Teri Judai    “Judai”

1982  No 25  Sara Din Satate Ho  “Raste Pyar Ke” 

1982  No 09  Pyar Ka Vada “Fifty Fifty”

Kya Teri Jhulphe Hai    “Hum Sab Ustad Hain”  1965

(Songwriter  Asad Bhopali)

Sweet, Melodious Duet. The very first song of Kishore Kumar – Asha Bhosle with Laxmikant-Pyarelal. ‘Prelude’ of 15 seconds starts with ACOUSTIC GUITAR, followed by a few lines by Kishore Kumar with awesome take off क्या तेरी झुल्फे है ! ‘stroke’ of ACOUSTIC GUITAR. The song has BONGO DRUM rhythm. First and second interludes are full of CELLOS, GUITAR and VIOLINS. Second interlude decorated with the glimpses of MENDOLIN,  AALAPS by Asha Bhosle, GUITAR and VIOLINS. Filmed on Kishore Kumar and Ameeta. Kishore Kumar has 3 solo songs + 1 duet, a must Album for KK / LP fans. 

Jane Kaisa Hai Mera Deewana  “Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool”  1969

(Songwrite Govind Moonis)  

A Breezing Melodious Duet. This is an incredible, addict and sweet-sounding song. A canorous composition from Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The song has an assonant DHOLAK rhythm. In ‘mukhada’ it has a ‘rhythmic’ “pause”, followed by the awesomely sounded ‘stroke’ of DHOLAK, repeated many times. Filmed on Deb Mukharjee – Alka

First interlude is brilliantly orchestrated with SAXOPHONE and VIOLINS synchronizing at the end. Second interlude starts with the ‘aalaps’ and ‘humming’ from Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar, followed by SHEHNAI/ NADASWARAM overlapping VIOLINS. The third interlude has VIOLINS, GUITAR, FLUTE. VIOLINS, GUITAR and glimpses of MANDOLIN are beautifully used as a ‘filler’ at the end of each Mukhada.

Aa Aa Aaja Abhi Nahin     “Man Mandir”  1971

(Songwriter Rajendra Krishnan)

Naughty song,with melody,  filmed on Mehmood – Aruna Irani. Unique BONGO DRUM rhythm which is continuous throughout the song.  Interludes are orchestrated with symphony VIOLINS and GUITAR.

Itne Din Tum Kahan Rahe    “Har Jeet”  1972

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

Romantic duet with melody. Sweet song, filmed on Anil Dhavan – Radha Saluja.. ‘Prelude’ of 20 seconds. Awesome takeoff by Kishore Kumar दिल बैचेन रहा तुम बिन. Simple BONGO DRUM rhythm. BANJO, VIOLINS, FLUTE, ACCORDION, ACOUSTIC GUITAR.  are nicely executed in the ‘interludes’. 

Teri Meri Teri Nazar Lad Gayi     “Subah – O – Shaam” 1972

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

“Subah-O-Shaam” was made jointly with the IRAN Govt. This is yet another hidden gem of KK-Asha with Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Starts with SAXOPHONE, VIOLINS and ‘string’ instruments, GUITAR. Typical LP style DHOLAK rhythm. VIOLINS, SAXOPHONE and GUITAR instrumented well in the interludes. 

Jaipur Ki Choli Mangwa De Re     “Gehri Chaal”   1973 

(Songwriter Rajendra Krishnan)

One of the most popular duet of KK-Asha,based on Traditional Rajasthani Folk,  filmed on Jeetendra – Hema Malini. 44 seconds of ‘prelude’ starts with solo display, slow speed, of folkish DHOLAK rhythm, intermixed with the WHISTLE sound. The speed of the DHOLAK increases with VIOLINS start. Beautiful take off by Asha ji जयपुर की चोली मंगवा दे रे सैय्या  entering Kishore at 1.06, हे जयपुर की चोली तेरे इशारे पे the speed of the rhythm increases. This sounds ear-pleasing. The first interlude is full of astonishingly played SHEHNAI / NADASWARAM with fast DHOLAK rhythm, VIOLINS. Second interlude is wonderfully orchestrated with DHOLAK and WHISTLE, Kishore – Asha AALAPS, finally VIOLINS.  Enjoy the folk dance and DHOLAK in ‘postlude’ over 50 seconds. 

Jijaji Jijaji Meri Didi Hai     “Ponga Pandit” 1975 

(Songwriter Rajendra Krishnan)

Naughty song with impressive DHOLAK rhythm. First interlude is  orchestrated with the use of NADASWARAM is excellent in all the interlude and  also the  VIOLINS with DHOLAK rhythm. Second interlude have FLUTE, DHOLAK. It’s a typical “LP” stamped song. Filmed on Randhir Kapoor, Neeta Mehata and Prema Narayan. 

Chandni Chand Se Hoti Hai      “Aaj Ka Mahatma”  1976

(Songwriter  Majrooh Sultanpuri)

This a hidden GEM. Beautiful rendering by both Asha Bhosle-Kishore Kumar. 50 seconds of ‘prelude’ full of VIOLINS in symphony style. All the interludes are orchestrated with VIOLINS. The song is filmed on Rekha – Randhir Kapoor.

Yaar Dildar Tujhe Kaisa Chahiye “Chhaila Babu” 1977.  

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

Orchestrated in ‘pop’ style composition, unique rhythm. SAXOPHONE, VIOLINS, GUITAR are mellifluously executed in ‘prelude’ as well as in ‘interludes’.  Beautiful ‘pauses’ in between the song. Awesome dancing steps from Rajesh Khanna – Zeenat Aman.

Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana  “Karz”  1980

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

Today’s Hot Cake. This is the song which tells the ‘story’ of the entire film, KARZ.  Full credit to songwriter Anand Bakshi. Entire song is orchestrated in symphony VIOLINS, GUITAR,  BRASS instruments and the CHORUS, for all the ‘interludes’. Kishore Kumar’s singing, एक हसीना थी is awesomely surrounded by symphony VIOLINS. The song has Enrich, Mind-Blowing Orchestra arrangements.The GUITAR, for the entire song, including the theme piece,  is played by late Gorakh Sharma, the younger brother of Pyarelalji. 

Manchahi Ladaki       Waqt Ki Deewar   1980

(Songwriter Anjan)

Resonant ‘prelude’ of 66 seconds is full of folk dance music from Goa. SAXOPHONE, VIOLINS and CHORUS. Sanjeev Kumar – Sulakshana Pandit

Dillagi Ne Di Hawa      “Dostana”  1980

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

One of the most popular songs. Once again it’s a melodious. ‘Prelude’ of 34 seconds is full of GUITAR, VIOLINS, ACCORDION. Composed in a typical LP mould. DHOLAK rhythm is stamped LP style. First interlude has a solo GUITAR display followed by ACCORDION. Second interlude is orchestrated with ACCORDION and VIOLINS. Third interlude is from string instrument  BANJO and ACCORDION. Listen to ‘postlude’ full of ACCORDION. Filmed on Amitabh Bachchan – Zeenat Aman

Pyar Ka Vaada Fifty-Fifty     “Fifty Fifty” 1981

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

The song has  115 seconds of “prelude” consisting of stupefying African beats on African traditional DRUMS. Followed by a beautiful take off by Asha Bhosle “aalaps”. African DRUM beats are ear-pleasingly synchronised with the CHORUS and VIOLINS. Interestingly all the three “interludes” have different “rhythm” patterns. Rajesh Khanna – Tina Munim capers awesomely.

Mere Hosh Lelo     “Bandish” 1981

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

Breezing Melody. ‘Prelude’ of 60 seconds with VIOLINS in symphony style overlapping with another set of VIOLINS with different tune + ACCORDION. Wonderful take off by Kishore Kumar मेरे होश ले लो . It has a resonant BONGO drum rhythm. GUITAR and VIOLINS are nicely executed in all the interludes, with different tunes. Rajesh Khanna  – Hema Malini. 

Rang Bhare Mausam Meain

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

Breezing melody with amazing DHOLAK rhythm. Beautiful orchestra arrangement with overlapping sound effects of two different string instruments. Rajesh Khanna  – Hema Malini. 

Ladaka Tumhara Kuwari    “Krodhi”  1981

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

A perfect wedding song, melodious one,  starts with CLAPPING intermixing with DHOLAK rhythm, CHORUS and  humming by Kishore Kumar. SHEHNAI is excellently used in the first interlude. Second interlude is full of VIOLINS. CLAPPING and CHORUS are the highlights of this song. Filmed on Shashi Kapoor – Zeenat Aman

Sara Din Satate Ho  “Raste Ke Pyar Ke”  1982

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

An extremely melodious duet. Asha ji’s rendering in particular तुम याद याद याssss द, is a killer. Sweet DHOLAK rhythm. VIOLINS in symphony style are melodiously surrounded with Kishore Kumar’s rendering. Jeetendra – Rekha

TWO ‘peppy’ songs from   ‘Inquillab’ 1984.

Aaj Abhi Yahi Nahi

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

 Amitabh Bachchan – Sridevi 

Bichchhu Lad Gaya

(Songwriter  Anand Bakshi)

 Amitabh Bachchan – Sridevi 

Ajay Poundarik,  Atlanta (Georgia) USA



Despite not having any formal training, Kishore Kumar dominated the Indian film music.

Kishore Kumar’s association with Laxmikant-Pyarelal started from an immortal song “mere mehboob qayamat hogi” from “Mr. X In Bombay” in 1964.  Later, this combo of KK-LP went on to score as many as 402 songs, from the year 1964 to 1987.  This 402 numbers as many as 151 solos.  Kishore Kumar has sung maximum number of duets under Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

In the combo of Kishore Kumar and  Laxmikant-Pyarelal, 402 songs with diversification,

one will always find everything, in the form of …. Folk,  Mujra,  Ghazal,  Lori,  Qawwali,  Philosophical,  Classical,  Romantic,  Western Classics,  Sad,  Devotional,  Inspiration,  Patriotic,  Disco  and many varieties.  This variety of songs will not be found in Kishore Kumar’s songs with any music directors.  On top it #KishoreKumar have solely diversified his rendering style in many of the songs composed by #LaxmikantPyarelal.

Prior to “Aradhana” (1969) success,  the combo of Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Kishore Kumar have some fabulous, popular duets, with  Lata Mangeshkar as well as Asha Bhosle. Moreover, Kishore Kumar has acted ludicrously, in his own style, in all the duets, listed below.

Laxmikant, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar & Pyarelal

1 Khoobsurat Haseena Jaane-Jaa Jaan-E-Man  (“Mr X In Bombay” 1964

2 Chali Re Chali Re Gori Paniya Bharan Ko.  (“Mr. X In Bombay” 1964.)

3 Sultana Sultana Tu Na Ghabrana  ( “Shreeman Funtoosh” 1965)

4 Kya Teri Zulfen Hai   (“Hum Sab Ustad Hain”, 1965)

5 Dil Hamamane De Diya (“Pyar Kiye Jaa” 1966)

We are going to discuss the duets sung by Kishore Kumar with various female singers (listed below), under the music directors Laxmikant-Pyarelal.  During the period of 80s, Laxmikant-Pyarelal unbiasedly used new generation female singers, to compose some outrageous duets with Kishore Kumar.

Lata Mangeshkar

Asha Bhosle


Leena Chandavarkar

Suman Kalyanpur

Sulakshana Pandit

Vandana Shastri

Hema Malini

Anuradha Paudwal

S Janaki

Kavita Krisihnmurthy

Alisha Chinoy

The orchestra arrangements in “PRELUDES” and “INTERLUDES” used to be the assets of the songs composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. It would be more proper to listen to the songs, listed below, after reading the write up, explaining peculiarities, for each of the songs, you will enjoy it, more.

Pyarelal, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Laxmikant

KISHORE  KUMAR with  LATA MANGESHKAR  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

The combo of Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar have been associated with Laxmikant-Pyarelal with close to 55 songs. There are many memorable and hit songs amongst these 55 canticles. Few selected  songs from this melody makers are listed below.

Man Mor Machaye Shor Shor Shor  (“Mastana” 1970)

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa  (“Abhinetri” 1970)

Achha To Hum Chalte Hain  (“Aan Milo Sajna” 1970)

Jadugar Tere Naina  (”Man Mandir” 1971)

Sun Ja Aa Thandi Hawa  (“Haathi Mere Saathi” 1971)

Pukaro Mujhe Phir Pukaro (“Buniyaad” 1972)

Hum Aur Tum, Tum Aur Hum   (“Daag” 1973)

Gore Rang Pe Na Itna  (“Roti” 1974)

Yeh Mousam Aaya Hai  (“Aakraman” 1975)

Din Mahine Saal Gujarte (“Avtaar” 1983)

AND  a beautiful melody.

Chali Re Chali Gori      “Mr. X In Bombay” 1964, Lyricist Anand Bakshi

Kishore Kumar had this ability to create drama through his singing. He was one of those very few singers who had a certain amount of acting involved in their singing. In this song he has acted as a “sangeet guru”. Kishore Kumar singing and acting in ‘classical’ mode is worth to view and listened to. Melodiously sung duet in “raag” BHAIRAVI, with Lata Mangeshkar. Mesmerizing 62 seconds “prelude” full of “MATAKI”, “PAYAL”, “FLUTE” and DHOLAK. Actress Kumkum looks beautiful. This is the first ever duet of Kishore Kumar sung under Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

KISHORE  KUMAR  with  ASHA  BHOSLE  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Asha Bhosle – Kishore Kumar, close to 90 duets.  The highest numbers of duet songs composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal for any singing pairs. KK-Asha with LP  have some fabulous songs. Major hits list is too long. Listing few HITs below:-

Laxmikant, Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar, Kishore Kumar & Laxmikant

Aa Aaja Abhi Nahin  (“Man Mandir”, 1971)

Jaipur Ki Choli Mangwa De Re  (“Gehri Chaal”, 1973)

Yaar Dildar Tujhe Kaisa Chahiye  (“Chhaila Babu”, 1977)

Dillagi Ne Di Hawa  (“Dostana”, 1980)

Mere Hosh Lelo Deewana Banado  (“Bandish”, 1980)

Mar Gayi Mujhe Teri Judaai   (“Judaai”, 1980)

Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana  (“Karz”, 1980)

Pyar Ka Wada Fifty Fifty  (“Fifty Fifty”, 1981)

Sara Din Satate Ho  (“Raaste Pyar Ke”, 1982)

Bichhu Lad Gaya (“Inquilaab”, 1984)

AND  a fabulous

Jane Kaisa Hai Mera  “Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool” 1969,  Lyricist Govind Munis

The film was produced by Anoop Kumar, an elder  brother Kishore Kumar. It has some fabulous songs. This duet is one of the finest duet of KK-Asha. Very refreshing and breezing melody. Excellent DHOLAK rhythm. All the “interludes” are mellifluously orchestrated with the use of  SAXOPHONE, Symphony Style VIOLINS, CLARINET, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, FLUTE as well as awesome “aalaps” by KK-Ashaji. The song is filmed on Deb Mukharjee and Alka

KISHORE  KUMAR with  HEMLATA  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Newcomer singer then, Hemlata also singing this mellifluous song with Kishore Kumar.  

Soi Ja Tara   “Mastana” 1970, Lyricist Anand Bakshi

This is the rarest of rare “LORI” song (lullaby) sung by Kishore Kumar. This is filmed on actor Mehmood and beautiful child artist Nain-Tara Dhanraj.   Extremely melodious and emotional song with wonderful DHOLAK rhythm. The song is orchestrated with symphony VIOLINS, FLUTE and SANTOOR.

KISHORE  KUMAR with  LEENA  CHANDAVARKAR   / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Kishore Kumar has sung one very melodious duet with his would be wife Leena Chandavarkar (She was not wife of Kishore Kumar,  then.)

Leena Chandavarkar & Kishore Kumar

Gham Ka Fasana  “Manchali” 1973,  Lyricist Anand Bakshi

Glamorous as well as effortless rendering by Kishore Kumar. Amorously supported by LEENA ji.  Absorbing as well as entertaining DHOLAK rhythm. “Interludes” are euphonically orchestrated with GUITAR, SANTOOR, FLUTE as well as VIOLINS. Interestingly DHOLAK rhythm disappears in “Interludes”.  Both Sanjeev Kumar as well as Leena Chandavarkar look glamorous.

KISHORE  KUMAR with  SUMAN KALYANPUR  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

There is one very famous song, Na Jane Kaise Pal Mein Badal Jate  Hai’ from “Badalte Rishte” 1978, involviing Kishore Kumar and Suman Kalyanpur. But is supported by Mohammad Rafi also.

Tera Mera Mera Tera Mil Gaya  “Nagin” 1976, Lyricist Verma Malik

Completely woven around western style of orchestra arrangements. “Prelude” of 91 seconds keep you engaged with beautiful take off by Suman Kalyanpur as well as TRUMPET and GUITAR. “Interludes” are awesomely orchestrated with BRASS instruments, SAXOPHONE, GUITAR, VIOLINS  and the BONGO DRUMS. Vinod Mehra looks handsome. Yogita Bali looks very pretty. A good song.

KISHORE  KUMAR with  SULAKSHNA  PANDIT / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Kishore Kumar have sung many duets with Sulakshana Pandit, this is the most popular.

Somwar Ko Hum Mile  “Apnapan” 1977, Lyricist Anand Bakshi

The duet mellifluously orchestrated with ‘symphony’ style MANDOLIN, VIOLINS, GUITAR, FLUTE and GHUNGROO BELLS. The song is filmed on Jeetendra – Sulakshana Pandit.

KISHORE  KUMAR with  VANDANA  SHASTRI  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

First time Laxmikant-Pyarelal working with Lyricist Gulzar.

Dakiya Daak Laya “Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein” 1977, Lyricist Gulzar

“Prelude” of 25 seconds starts with the sound of BICYCLE BELL, VIOLINS and GUITAR. “Interludes” are orchestrated with RAVANHATTA, FLUTE and SITAR. It has unique DHOLAK rhythm. The song is filmed on Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini and Aruna Irani (Vandana Shastri sining Aruna Irani’s lines)

KISHORE  KUMAR with  HEMA  MALINI  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Musical hit film “Dream Girl” was Hema Malini’s home production.  She took an opportunity to sing this beautiful song with Kishore Kumar

Hua Kya Agar Tu Zara Bewafa  “Dream Girl”  1977, Lyricist Anand Bakshi

An extremely melodious song mellifluously orchestrated with the use of IRANI SANTOOR, SITAR and CELLOs. Very simple DHOLAK rhythm.

KISHORE  KUMAR with  ANURADHA  PAUDWAL  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

There are many hits of Kishore Kumar with Anuradha Paudwal. This one is the biggest hit. It was a multi starrer musical hit  film. Laxmikant-Pyarelal also using many singers.

O Meri  Jaan “Jaani Dushman” 1978, Lyricist Verma Malik

Top Hit Song. Fast track DHOLAK rhythm, awesomely rendered by Kishore Kumar – Anuradha Paudwal. Filmed on Jeetendra – Neetu Singh

KISHORE  KUMAR with  S JANKI  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

A surprise package from Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Kishore Kumar. S. Janaki’s voice was successfully synchronised with new star Khushboo.

Bol Baby Rock N Roll  “Meri Jung” 1985, Lyricist Anand Bakshi

A perfect ‘pop’ music song. Use of SAXOPHONE  is cadenced, in the ‘interludes’.

Javed Jafri and Khushboo have gambouled appealingly.


Na Jaiyo Pardes “Karma” 1986, Lyricist Anand Bakshi

Breathtaking rendition from both Kishore Kumar – Kavita Krishnamurthy. The ‘beauty’ of the song is ‘overlapping’ sound effect of Kavita Krishnamurthy, singing different lines with different tune, assimilating Kishore Kumar’s singing who is singing different liens and tune. Just beautiful. Poonam Dhillon – Anil Kapoor performed excellently on this lovely, ‘FAST-TRACK’ composition.

KISHORE  KUMAR with  ALISHA  CHINOY  / Laxmikant-Pyarelal

It was Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s selection of Alisha Chinoy to sing this song with Kishore Kumar. The outcome was just superb.  

Kate Nahi Katate   “Mr. India” 1987, Lyricist Javed Akhtar

Incredible composition, in western style, from Laxmikant-Pyarelal.  32 seconds of “prelude” is tunefully instrumented with the use of PICCOLO (smaller version of the FLUTE), ‘Symphony’ style VIOLINS and the ‘strokes’ of SITAR. Awesome ‘take off’ by Kishore Kumar (I Love You).Orchestrated with stupefying ‘rhythm,….the first ‘interlude’ is decorated with ACCORDION, VIOLINS, SAXOPHONE, GUITAR and the ‘strokes’ of SITAR. Second ‘interlude’ beautifully structured by the use of  “solo” VIOLIN. You can equally enjoy the ‘surround sounds’ of SYMPHONY VIOLINS. Alisha Chinoy singing marvelously. Gamboling of SRIDEVI is seductive moreover she looks ‘smoking hot’.  Anil Kapoor looks simple.

Ajay Poundarik Vadodara (Gujarat)



It was in 1964 director Shantilal Soni was making “Mr X In Bombay” starring Kishore Kumar and Kumkum in  lead role. Obviously, Kishore Kumar as a singer was the choice for all the songs of “Mr. X In Bombay”.  Laxmikant-Pyarelal had already made a high impact, in hindi film music,  through the songs of their earlier hit, B grade, films from “Parasmani”, “Harishchandra Taramati”, “Sati Savitri”, “Sant Gyaneshwar” & “Dosti” etc. In these films Laxmikant-Pyarelal had an opportunity to work with great singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Mohammad Rafi and Manna Dey to compose “A Grade” music.

Now it was the time for Laxmikant-Pyarelal to work with Actor / Singer Kishore Kumar, in “Mr X In Bombay”. Kishore Kumar was passing through the lean period of his musical career, then. Both Laxmikant and Pyarelal went to Kishore Kumar’s house with the song “tune”. Kishore Kumar was so happy to listen to the tune that he started telling everyone present in the house, his gardener, stewards, security guard  that see these  two boys (Laxmikant and Pyarelal ) has bring very sweet and memorable tune for me. That song was “Mere Mehaboob Quyamat Hogi”

Thus this historical song  “Mere Mehaboob Quyamat Hogi” become the first song for the STERLING but BELITTLED combo of Kishore Kumar and  Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Later on this combo of KK-LP went on to score as many as 402 songs, from 1964 to 1987. This figure of 402 is the second highest songs sung by Kishore Kumar with any music directors, first being Kishore Kumar & R D Burman with 499 songs.  Coincidently, this  historical song, “Mere Mehaboob Quyamat Hogi”,  also happens to be the first song of legendary song writer Anand Bakshi with Laxmikant-Pyarelal & Kishore Kumar, as well.  Kishore Kumar’s very first reaction / judgment for this song was correct. The song is still popular, even today.

Laxmikant, Kishore Kumar and Pyarelal

In the combo of Kishore Kumar and  Laxmikant-Pyarelal,  402 songs with diversification, one will always find everything, in the form of ….

Folk (Main Jahan Chala Jaoun, “Banphool”, 1970),  

Mujra (naach meri bulbul, Roti, 1974),  

Gazal (Pyar Ko Chahiye Kya Ek Nazar, “Ek Nazar”, 1972),  

Lori (Soi Ja Tara “Mastana, 1970),

Qawwali (Haal Kya Hai Dilon Ka, “Anokhi Ada”, 1973),  

Philosophical (Aadmi Jo Kehata Hai, “Majboor”, 1974)

Classical (Chali Re Chali Re Gori (with Lata), “Mr X In Bombay”, 1964),

Romantic (Mere Dil Main Aaj Kya Hai, “Daag”, 1973),

Western Classics (Jaani O Jaani, “Raja Jaani”, 1972),  

Sad (Ye Dard Bhara Afasana, “Shreeman Fantoosh”, 1965),

Devotional (Prem Ka Rog Laga Muze “Do Premee”, 1980),

Inspiration (Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai, “Dost”, 1974),

Patriotic (Dekho Veer Jawano, “Aakraman”, 1975),

Disco (Paisa Ye Paisa, “Karz”, 1980) to ‘Chalu’  songs.

These varieties of songs will not be found in Kishore Kumar’s songs with any music directors. It is unfortunate that this ‘combo’ did not get the kind of recognition, acclamation which certainly deserves, unbiasedly.

YES ! Intrinsically  this ‘combo’ has given many memorable hits to Rajesh Khanna.

Moreover, Kishore Kumar have uniquely diversified his rendering style in many of the songs composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

We will discuss more useful aspects of few selected songs elaborating the features of this Sterling but underestimated combo of Kishore Kumar and Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

It would be more proper to listen to the songs, listed below, after reading the write up, for each song, you will enjoy the songs, more.

1)  Mere Mehaboob Quyamat Hogi …(Mr X In Bombay, 1964)   Sad song.   

The song is based on raag “Bhairavi” and it starts with the beautiful “prelude” of 20 sec0nds with the glimpses of VIOLINS, ACCORDION, GUITAR and MANDOLIN. Wonderful take off by Kishore Kumar with the “beats” of BONGO DRUMS.  One can feel the “dard” (pain) in Kishore Kumar’s voice.  Kishore Kumar  has rendered this song with  some peculiar voice. Both the “interludes’ are orchestrated with the VIOLINS, ACCORDION, MANDOLIN and GUITAR. The song is written by Anand Bakshi.  

When we watch this movie and see that Kishore Kumar himself is singing this song gives healthy impression for this song.  What were the days when Kishore Kumar used act as well as sing. Kishore Kumar himself  has rated this song, as a favorite,  among the top ten songs.

2) Pyare Batate Chalo  …(Hum Sab Ustad Hai, 1965) Patriotic Song.

One of the rarest of rare Patriotic song sung by Kishore Kumar. Laxmikant-Pyarelal have composed this song in western beats with  “Rock-N-R0ll” and “Twist” style. “Prelude” of 46 seconds is mesmerizing. Train Sound is brilliantly synchronized with the VIOLINS and ACOUSTIC  GUITAR.  One of the best song filmed on train. Kishore Kumar is simply awesome,  both in rendering and in acting, as well. The song has harmonious BONGO DRUM ‘rhythm’. It is written by Asad Bhopali

3)  Mere Naseeb Main Ai Dost…. (Do Raaste, 1969) Emotional Song

The song is based on raag “Yaman Kalyan”.  Kishore Kumar’s  soft rendering and Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s SYMPHONY style orchestra arrangements with overlapping sound effects of VIOLINS, VIOLA, FLUTE and SANTOOR are the significant aspects of this song. Another beauty of this song is that Kishore Kumar  has brilliantly ‘synchronized’ the “pause” in the LP orchestra. The rhythm of the song is completely on BONGO DRUMS. The song is written by Anand Bakshi.

4) Vaada Tera Vaada …(Dushman, 1972 ) Mujra /Qawwali

First class rendering by Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar was reluctant to sing this song because he felt that Rafi Saab suited it more. As Laxmikant-Pyarelal had crafted the song with him in mind.  Rajesh Khanna and the composers duo hoodwinked him into singing it, by stating that they were scrapping the song because he was not ready to sing it.  This song is composed as Mujra in Qawwali style. Entire song has  “qawwali” style DHOLAK / MATAKI rhythm. SANTOOR and SARANGI are well executed in the ‘interludes”. SARANGI is also used as filler in the “mukhada” to give Mujra touch to the song. The song is written by Anand Bakshi.

Such was a craze for Rajesh Khanna and this song that a downpour of coins on the screen were seen. It was a super duper hit song in ‘Binaca Geeetmala’.

5) Yeh Jeevan Hai ….(Piya Ka Ghar, 1971)  Western

One of the finest songs from  Kishore Kumar with Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Kishore Kumar’s extremely soft and silky rendering in a totally different way and LP’s westernised orchestra used and notes for the “interludes”, are the features of this lovely song. The song is completely woven around the glimpses of ACOUSTIC  GUITAR. Another beauty of this song is ‘finger pinch’ used in the ‘rhythm’, at the end of each ‘antara’. Essence of life captured beautifully in simple words by Anand Bakshi.

6) Mere Dwanepan ki bhi …. (Mehaboob Ki Mehandi, 1972)  Romantic

This romantic song is based on Raag “Tilang” starts with the ‘humming’ sound by Kishore Kumar. “Mukhada” is wonderfully synchronized by ‘filling’ SARANGI and FLUTE around Kishoreji’s melodious and romantic  rendering. All the three ‘interludes’ have different type of tunes and orchestral  arrangements. First ‘interlude’ is orchestrated with the sounds of FLUTE, VIOLINS and SANTOOR. Second ‘interlude’ is decorated with SARANGI and SAXOPHONE with overlapping sound of the VIOLINS in ‘symphony’ style. Third ‘interlude’ starts with VIOLINS, VIOLINS and SANTOOR. The song has lovely ‘DHOLAK’ beats. It is written by Anand Bakshi.

7)  Krishna Krishna ….(Naya Din Nayee Raat, 1974) Devotional

One of the rarest of rare ‘devotional’ song sung by Kishore Kumar (with Lata Mangeshkar).

“Prelude” of 34 seconds is full of traditional religious instruments, sets the mood of this extremely melodious song. Kishorji’s beautiful take off, rendering, “Krishna Krishna” is a mesmerizer. Entire song is rendered in a ‘soft’ voice and on high pitch too. The song is orchestrated with SITAR and FLUTE with the ‘rhythm’ of MRIDANGAM. Another ‘beauty’ of this “Bhajan” is the overlapping sound effect of rendering of Kishoreji and Lataji, in different tunes and notes. This song is penned by Rajendra Krishna.  

8)  Ruk Jana Nahin Tu Kahin Har Ke…. (Imtihan, 1974)  Inspiration

Wonderful Singing by Kishore Kumar on “high notes” and perhaps one of his best songs in mid-seventies, carrying  variety. Beautifully penned by Majaroooh Sultanpuri, truly an inspire words. Wonderful decoration of highly RICH orchestra consists of CHURCH BELL (overlapping with the ‘rhythm’), GUITAR, IRANI SANTOOR, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, VIOLINs, FLUTE  and TRUMPET (Military BIGUL). Western style “rhythm” with Bongo Drums. All the three “interludes’ have three different tunes.  Another ‘killer’  part of the song is the various “pauses” given by KK-LP.

9)  Aap Ke Anurodh Pe…. (Anurodh, 1977) Classical

Hypnotizing orchestra from Laxmikant-Pyarelal  and stupefying rendering by Kishore Kumar. This mellifluent song is composed on Raag “Yaman Kalyan”. 13 seconds of ‘prelude’ enthrals with the sounds of VEENA and PIANO. Cool and calm rendering by Kishore Kumar with fascinate TABLA/KONGA Drum ‘rhythm’. First ‘interlude’ orchestrated with VEENA and SANTOOR. Second ‘interlude’ is decorated with PIANO and VEENA and also used as a ‘filler’ in  the second ‘antara’. Third ‘interlude’ is executed with SITAR and SAROD supported with soft surround VIOLINS. One of the best song from  KK-LP combo. The song is written by Anand Bakshi.    

10)  Ek Ritu Aaye Ek Ritu Jaye…. (Goutam Govinda, 1979) Soft Rendering

Exceptionally soft  rendering by Kishoreji, many pathos. In the beginning of the song Laxmikant-Pyarelal have used BICYCLE BELL sound in the ‘rhythm’ in support with KONGA Drums. Later the ‘rhythm’ pattern converted to DHOLAK.  Fascinating “interludes” are orchestrated with the instruments like solo VIOLIN,  SAROD, CLARINET, IRANI SANTOOR  and VIOLINs. The song is written by Anand Bakshi.

11)  Om Shanti Om…. (Karz, 1980) Disco /Western

Spellbind, Huge and Enrich  orchestra arrangements in western style,  throughout the song. Despite Kishore Kumar’s usual shouts and Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s boisterous orchestra, the melody part of the song is not lost. The song has become a youth anthem. Kishoreji sounds  like a ‘man’ of the age of 30. This composition from Laxmikant-Pyarelal  came up with a solid riposte to their critics. All the BRASS musical instruments like TUBA and FLUGELHORN, SAXOPHONE and CLARINET along with GUITAR are wonderfully orchestrated in enrich orchestra arrangements with the powerful western ‘beats’. The song is written by Anand Bakshi.     

12) Kahan Ja Raha Tha….(Qatl, 1986)  Roaring Kishore Kumar

The ‘roaring’ like sound by Kishore Kumar.  Tune and orchestra creates a strong feeling just like a man hatching conspiracy to do some crime like killing a person. The background orchestra played in the second stanza and at the end shows tremendous  mind storming of a person, Sanjeev Kumar. The song has PIANO in ‘prelude’ & in all the ‘interludes’ with beautiful DHOLAK rhythm. This song is written by Rajendra Krishna.

Long Live Laxmikant-Pyarelal Music.

Ajay Poundarik

Atlanta (Georgia)