Pantomimist Sanjeev Kumar and Songful Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Pantomimist Sanjeev Kumar and Songful Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Versatile actor Sanjeev Kumar started his film career, with a limited role of police inspector, in the film ‘Hum Hindustani’, released in 1960. Sanjeev Kumar had to wait till 1965 when he started acting as a lead role in ‘Nishan’. 

Affiliation of Sanjeev Kumar with Laxmikant-Pyarelal started with a superhit musical made by    L V Prasad “Raja Aur Rank” released in 1968.  Sanjeev Kumar have worked close to 30 films which has the music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Raja Aur Rank      1968

Satyakam             1969

Jeene Ki Raah      1969

Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke   1968

Khilona  1970

Devi     1970

Bachpan  1970

Man Mandir    1971

Subah-O -Sham   1972 ( Made and Partially Financed by Government of IRAN)

Suraj Aur Chanda   1973

Manchali      1973

Anhonee     1973

Shandaar    1974

Naya Din Nayi Raat    1974

Apne Rang Hazar   1975

Aakraman   1975

Do Ladkiyan  1976

Apnapan    1977

Iman Dharam  1977

Maan Apman  1978

Jaani Dushman   1978

Hum Paanch  1980

Jyoti Bane Jwala   1980

Waqt Ki Deewar    1981

Ladies Tailor   1981

Hero 1983

Bad Aur Badnam    1984

Qatl  1985

Laxmikant-Pyarelal have utilised following of the singers for Sanjeev Kumar

Mohammad Rafi

KIshore Kumar


Binaca Geetmala :-

Total 15 songs from Sanjeev Kumar films, music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, appeared in Binaca Geetmala Finals. The songs of Raja Aur Rank, Devi, Khilona, Suraj Aur Chanda, Manchali, Anhonee, Apane Rang Hazar etc. were regularly appeared in weekly countdown. 

Major Binaca Geetmala Finals 

1968  11th   position  Mera Naam Hai Chameli    Raja Aur Rank

1970  5 th    position  Khilona Jaan Kar Tum To   Khilona

1970  11th   position  Shadi Ke Liye Razamand   Devi 

1974  25th   position  Gham Ka Fasana               Manchali

1974  25th   position  O Manchali Kahan Chali    Manchali

1979  26th   position  Chalo Re Doli Uthao          Jaani Dushman

Filmfare Awards.

1970 “Khilona” was awarded the best feature film. 

Review of Sanjeev Kumar’s selected songs, composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal

The orchestra arrangements in “preludes” and “interludes” used to be the assets of the songs composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. It would be more proper to listen to the songs  after reading the write up, explaining peculiarities, for each of the songs,  you will enjoy it more.

Raja Aur Rank        1968

The film is a  story of a prince and a pauper. It is a Costume hindi movie, directed by K. P. Atma, for the producer L V Prasad (Prasad Productions) starring Sanjeev Kumar, Nazima, Nirupa Roy, Ajit, Kumkum and Mahesh Kothare (in double roll). It has very popular songs which carry the audiences to the cinema hall. Each and every song was hit.

-Tu Kitni Achchhi Hai O Maa ….Lata (most popular song on “MAA”, Mother. 

-Mera Naam Hai Chameli…..Lata..(Lata – LP classic)

-Mere Raja Mere Lal...Asha -Usha

-Rang Basanti …Rafi-Lata

-O Kanhaiya ….Lata – Manna Dey

-Firkiwali Tu Kal Phir Aana…  Mohammad Rafi (Anand Bakshi)

Super hit song, still popular, filmed on Sanjeev Kumar and Nazima.Romantically written, rendered and mellifluously orchestrated song. Rhythm of DHOLAK is worth listening to. Prelude and the interludes are excellently decorated with VIOLINS, GUITAR and BASS CLARINET.

Devi   1970

The film stars Sanjeev Kumar – Nutan. It has some melodious songs. The famous pop singer Usha Uthup (Usha Iyer) was introduced for the first time in this film.

-Ek Hai Sab Hindustani….Asha

Kya Jhootha Lagta Hai ...Rafi

-Jogan Pritam Ki...Usha Iyer

-Shadi Ke Liye Raja Mand Kar Li… Mohammad Rafi (Anand Bakshi)

Hit song of the film. Filmed on Sanjeev Kumar – Nutan. Typical LP style composition with  accordant DHOLAK / TABLA rhythm. Since it is a pre-wedding song SHEHNAI / NADASWARAM are orchestrated with VIOLINS, in both the interludes.  

-Teri Haseen Nigahonk Ka..  .Mohammad Rafi – Lata Manngeshkar. (Anand Bakshi)

Sweet and melodious duet. Interludes are orchestrated with SITAR, symphony style VIOLINS, FLUTE, SHEHNAI / NADASWARAM and ACOUSTIC GUITAR.  FLUTE is awesomely used as a ‘filler’ in ‘Mukhada’ . 

Khilona   1970 

It was a huge hit movie, made by L V Prasad (Prasad Productions). Sweet sounding music is an asset of the film. Both Sanjeev Kumar and Mumtaz  with their powerful acting got the ‘star’ status. It was awarded, filmfare, the “best picture” of 1970. Actress Mumtaz also won the best actress filmfare award. an asset of the film. Sovereign direction from Chandan Vohra.

Sanam Tu Bewafa Ke Naam Se….Lata

-Khush Rahe Tu Sada…….M. Rafi

-Main Sharabi Nahin….Asha-Rafi

-Ek Natak Kavi...Lata – Manna Dey

-Roz Roz Rozi...Asha – Kishore

-Khilona Jaan Kar Tum…..Mohammad Rafi (Anand Bakshi)

Famous song, title song, rendered by Rafi sahab with pain. No words to describe the elegance of Mohd Rafi. The song starts with the ‘aalap’. It has a wonderful DHOLAK  rhythm. Interludes are beautifully orchestrated with SITAR, MANDOLIN, VIOLINS and SAROD. In the second interlude symphony, VIOLINa are tunefully synchronized with SHEHNAI. 

Bachpan   1970

It was produced and directed by K P Atma. Starring Sanjeev Kumar – Tanuja. Good music.

-Mother Mary  ..Lata 

-Parda Uthne Wala Hai…Lata

-Are Munia Re Munia ...Kishore

-Aaya Re Khilone Wala ...Mohammad Rafi (Anand Bakshi)

Mohammad Rafi, Anand Bakshi and Laxmikant-Pyarelal at their melodious best. The ‘prelude’ of 24 seconds, full of FLUTE, Symphony Style VIOLINS set the mood of this sorrowful song. ‘Antara’ has a mellifluous filler of FLUTE. The beauty of this song is ::(From 1.38 to 1.50 ) Rafi Saab gives 4 seconds ‘pause’ to enjoy the SANTOOR. Then there is “rhythmic” ‘pause’ Rafi saab’s tuneful rendering and the ‘stroke’ of SANTOOR. Both the ‘interludes’ are orchestrated with symphony style VIOLINS and FLUTE. Song is filmed on SANJEEV KUMAR

Man Mandir   1971

Musical hit film starring Sanjeev Kumar-Waheeda Rehman

-Ai Meri Aankhon Ke Sapne...Lata-Mukesh (an excellent ‘lory’ / lullaby)

-Aa Aaja Abhi Nahin…..Kishore-Asha

-Munna Jayega Bazaar…Suman Kalyanpur

-Jadugar Tere Naina… Kishore Kumar – Lata Mangeshkar (Rajendra Krishnan)

An extremely melodious song. Breezing orchestra arrangements with the use of IRANI SANTOOR, SAXOPHONE and SYMPHONY style VIOLINS synchronised with BONGO/CONGA Drums rhythm. Sanjeev Kumar-Waheeda Rehman.

Suraj Aur Chanda     1973

Directed by T. Ramarao, it was a “King – Queen” drama starring Sanjeev Kumar and Rita Haskar with some very good song.

-Honi To Hoke Rahe …Mukesh-Lata

-Gaon Main Pipple...Rafi

-Tere Naam Ka Deewana. ..  Mohammad Rafi (Anand Bakshi)

Melodious tune, beautifully orchestrated in Symphony style VIOLINS with traditional LP DHOLAK rhythm. Enjoy the ‘pause’ at 0.30 for 3 seconds highlighting the DHOLAK rhythm & SITAR, as filler.  Interludes are instrumented with SHEHNAI / NADASWARAM,  SANTOOR, SITAR and VIOLINS. 

Manchali      1973

Producer – Director Raja Nawathe’s musical hit film. Sanjeev Kumar opposite Leena Chandavarkar. It was a comedy film, well directed and acted. 

-Kali Kali Chume...Lata

-Tan Man Dhan Sab Hai Tera…Mukesh

-Mile Kahin Do Ajnabi…Kishore

Ghum Ka Fasana   Kishore Kumar-Leena Chandavarkar (Anand Bakshi)

Glamorous as well as effortless rendering by Kishore Kumar. Amorously supported by LEENA ji.  Absorbing as well as entertaining DHOLAK rhythm. “Interludes” are euphonically orchestrated with GUITAR, SANTOOR, FLUTE as well as VIOLINS. Interestingly DHOLAK rhythm disappears in “Interludes”.  Both Sanjeev Kumar as well as Leena Chandavarkar look glamorous. 

-O Manchali Kahan Chali…  Kishore Kumar (Anand Bakshi)

Super-hit song. Prelude of 34 seconds BASS GUITAR, VIOLINS, ELECTRIC GUITAR wonderfully synchronized with BONGO DRUM rhythm. Brilliant take off by Kishor Kumar.

ओ मनचली कहाँ चली…it has a BONGO DRUM rhythm. GUITAR sounds good as filler, after every word ओ मनचली कहाँ चली rendered by Kishore Kumar. First interlude is orchestrated with SAXOPHONE and VIOLINS.  

Naya Din Nayi Raat   1974

Sanjeev Kumar in NINE different roles. Jaya Bhaduri was the leading lady. Was an average hit film with good music. 

-Didi Teri Shadi...Lata

-Sanam Na Jao Abhi…Asha

-Main Wohi Wohi Baat…..Mohammad Rafi (Rajendra Krishnan)

Lively involved voice, supported by the great Saneev Kumar’s restrained but natural performance for this tipsy song. Enraptured “prelude” of 26 seconds full of IRANI SANTOOR, SAXOPHONE, ELECTRIC GUITAR, ACOUSTIC GUITAR and ACCORDION with the “boozy” entry from Sanjeev Kumar at the same time brilliant take off by Rafi Saab. “Interludes” are euphonically orchestrated with ELECTRIC GUITAR, ACCORDION, SYMPHONY VIOLINS and IRANI SANTOOR. Just listen to the second “interlude”delirious “aalap” by Rafi Saab, SYMPHONY VIOLINS and the awesome overlapping sound effect of IRANI SANTOOR with ACCORDION. In-spite of the use of western instruments the DHOLAK ‘rhythm gives you an ear-pleasing moment throughout the song.

-Krishna Krisihna Bolo Krishna…..Lata Mangeshkar- Kishore Kumar (Rajendra Krishnan)

One of the rarest of rare ‘devotional’ song sung by Kishore Kumar (with Lata Mangeshkar).

“Prelude” of 34 seconds is full of traditional religious instruments, sets the mood of this extremely melodious song. Kishorji’s beautiful take off, rendering, “Krishna Krishna” is a mesmerizer. Entire song is rendered in a ‘soft’ voice and on high pitch too. The song is orchestrated with SITAR and FLUTE with the ‘rhythm’ of MRIDANGAM. Another ‘beauty’ of this “Bhajan” is the overlapping sound effect of rendering of Kishoreji and Lataji, in different tunes and notes

Apne Rang Hazaar   1975

-Ganga Mein Duba Na Jamuna Main Duba…Lata Mangeshkar (Anjan)

The song, ‘prelude’ of 16 seconds, starts with ‘stroke’ IRANI SANTOOR followed by FLUTE  awesomely synchronized with enthralling DHOLAK rhythm which is consistent throughout the song. The first ‘interlude’ is orchestrated with MANDOLIN, BRASS INSTRUMENT and VIOLINS. Second ‘interlude’ starts with VIOLINS and wonderful work on FLUTE and VIOLINS. Mellifluously rendered by Lata Mangeshkar. This beautiful song is filmed on Leena Chandavarkar & Sanjeev Kumar.

Jaani Dushman   1979

This  was a horror film produced / directed by Rajkumar Kohlli. It was a  musical hit.

-Tere Haathon Mein Pehna Ke Chudiya …Rafi-Asha

-Sare Rishte Naate ..Lata

-Aisi Waisi Na Samajh….Asha

O Meri Jaan ….Kishore – Anuradha

-Sun Bhai Sadho….Mahendra-Kishore-Asha

-Chalo Re Doli Uthao …..Mohammad Rafi  (Verma Malik)

Perfect wedding song. Orchestrated with SHEHNAI / NADASWARAM and VIOLINS. Wonderful DHOLAK rhythm.

Ladies Tailor     1981

It was an average hit movie with beautiful songs.

-Do Chahne Walon Ki Mulaqat Hai Wallah…..Mohmmad Rafi – Lata Mangeshkar (Majrooh Sultanpuri)

An extremely melodious song. ‘Prelude’ of 59 seconds starts with SARANGI, FLUTE and VIOLINS. It stops at 54, starts of DHOLAK rhythm, synchronised with the GHUNGROO BELLS, it’s one type of “pause” for 3 seconds. First interlude SARANGI, FLUTE synchronising with each other. VIOLINS synchronizing with SANTOOR. Third interlude starts with MANDOLIN, FLUTE, SANTOOR and VIOLINS. Last interlude FLUTE, VIOLINS, SHEHNAI. GHUNGROO BELLS continue to play with rhythm, throughout the song. It is filmed on Sanjeev Kumar and Reena Roy. 

Ajay Poundarik, Atlanta, (Georgia), USA

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