EK DUJE KE LIYE, 1981. Melodious and Dulcet, Laxmikant-Pyarelal

EK DUJE KE LIYE, Non-Starcast film and once again the entire success of the film was carried away by Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s “MAGICAL MUSIC”. Music of “EK DUJE KE LIYE”, released in June, 1981.

Earlier In 60s and 70s the combo of Dada Saheb Phalke Award winner L V Prasad and Laxmikant-Pyarelal have given many musical hit films mainly “Milan”, 1967, “Raja Aur Rank”, 1968, “Jeene Ki Raah”, 1969, “Khilona” 1971 etc..Most of the above list of the film have big star-cast in lead roll excepting “Raja Aur Rank”. 

This time L V Prasad wanted to make a different type of love story. The story of a youthful romance between a South Indian boy and a North Indian girl, troubled and thwarted by their own parents . Two unknown faces in lead roll. Two newcomers a rampaging youthful Kamal Haasan, a ravishingly beautiful Rati Agnihotri.

L V Prasad / Laxmikant-Pyarelal also introduced new fresh voice to Hindi Film Music. More Importantly melodious music of Laxmikant-Pyarelal sung with total freshness and apt emotion by S.P. Balasubramaniam, singing in Hindi film for the first time.  All these went into a heady cocktail to make this an iconic youth film of the period. Just listen to the songs and you will understand the magic behind the success of the film..

When the film ”EK DUJE KE LIYE” was completed, no distributor wanted to buy it. So producer L.V. Prasad released it with minimum prints, but after one week, the shows increased five-fold. It became a huge hit. It celebrated “Golden Jubilee” run ( 50 weeks) in all the major cities of India. 

The film was directed by yet another Dada Saheb Phalke Award winner K. Balachandar. 

While the movie is now part of Bollywood history, full credit goes to the Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s music for its giant success. 

The melodious music of the film by Laxmikant Pyarelal, lyrics created by Anand Bakshi, acts as the corollary to the inseparable love chemistry between the lovers and their unrequited love. It’s no wonder then, that the music still keeps haunting you whenever the topic of romantic songs in Hindi is broached.

1) TERE MERE BEECH MEIN ..Lata Mangeshkar

Composed in Hindustani Classical Raag “SHIVRANJANI”. 16 seconds of ‘prelude’ orchestrated with glimpses of GUITAR, Symphony style CELLOs, and VIOLINS and awesome aalaps by Lataji. Excellent “DHOLAK” rhythm. SANTOOR, FLUTE, VIOLINS and SHEHANAI are melleflously decorated in the orchestra. 

2) HUM BANE TUM BANE ..Lata Mangeshkar – S P Balasubramaniam

Classic Romantic Song, evergreen song. “Prelude” of 63 seconds with the glimpses of GUITAR (played by late Mr. Gorakh Sharma), SAXOPHONE and VIOLINS and Lataji’s beautiful “aalap” sets the mood of this song. Once again very different type of “rhythm”. Ever-Fresh / Ever-Green melody.

3) MERE JEEVAN SAATHI S. P. Balasubramaniam – Anuradha Paudwal.

A different style of song writing in which all the words contain films’s name. Credit goes to Anand Bakshi. Awesome ‘rhythm’. This song is excellently filmed in the lift. A song with difference. 

4) SOLA BARAS KI BALI UMAR Ko .Lata Mangeshkar – Anoop Jalota

“Prelude” is marvelously rendered by Anup Jalota. Excellent Melody and Sweet DHOLAK Rhythm are the features of the song + Lataji’s voice variations are mind-blowing. 

5) HUM TUM DONO JAB MIL ..Lata Mangeshkar – S P Balasubramaniam

Emotional Romantic Melodious Duet. Excellent “prelude” with Symphony style VIOLINS. Wonderful rhythm. 

6) TERE MERE BEECH MEIN ..S P Balasubramaniam

Sad version. What a wonderful tune and song, well rendered by S P Balasubramaniam.

Since 1964 onwards Song Writer ANAND BAKSHI have given many memorable songs, without any loss of continuity break. Anand Bakshi win the Filmfare award for“Tere Mere Beech Main” song gave Anand Bakshi it’s second Filmfare trophy. As usual Laxmikant-Pyarelal were also nominated for the best music for “EK DUJE KE LIYE”..

Ajay Poundarik

By Ajay Poundarik

I am a Mechanical Engineering Graduate. Boiler Proficiency Engineer. Deeply In Love With Hindi Film Music When I Was Eight Years Of Age, Since 1963. I Have A Liking For All Contemporary Music Directors Compositions. I Am A Fan Of Laxmikant-Pyarelal Music. I Have Grown-Up By Listening To Laxmikant-Pyarelal Music. I Like Test Cricket Only. Worked In The Capacity Of General Manager For The Fields Of Project Implementation, Facility Management, Construction Management and Plant Maintenance In INDIA, NIGERIA for Twenty Years & AFGHANISTAN One Year.

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