CLASSICAL  Manna Dey :: RHYTHMIC Laxmikant-Pyarelal

CLASSICAL  Manna Dey :: RHYTHMIC Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Manna Dey has sung some beautiful songs of various under Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Manna Dey has sung close to 70 songs, of various types, under Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

Laxmikant-Pyarelal made the detonation start with the music of Parasmani, 1963. Next year, in 1964, the duo’s third and fourth films,  Sati Savitri as well as Sant Gyaneshwar released.  

Laxmikant-Pyarelal composed some of their best musical scores in these two films. Manna Dey has sung one song in each of the above mythological films. tum gagan ke chandrama ho a semi-classical duet with Lata Mangeshkar in Sati Savitri and a pure classical, solo, jago re prabhat aaya  from Sant Gyaneshwar. 

In the year 1966 Laxmikant-Pyarelal scored a beautiful ‘raag-mala’ involving Lata Mangeshkar – Manna Dey, ek ritu aaye ek ritu jaye from the film So Saal Baad 1966. In the same year the duo scored a rock-n-style duet with Usha Mangeshkar, o meri maina tu manle mera kehna from Pyar Kiye Jaa.

Laxmikant-Pyarelal also used Manna Dey to compose male duets, Manoj Kumar’s Shor 1972, an inspirational song sung with Mahendra Kapoor jeevan chalne ka naam. Raj Kapoor’s Bobby, 1973, na mangu sona chandi with Shailendra Singh. 

There are few solo songs too. Darpan, 1970, darpan jhoot na bole

and Maa Aur Mamta, 1970, koi na jane bin tere naam

Manna Dey, Shashi Kapoor, Laxmikant, Randhir Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Pandit Narendra Sharma and Pyarelal.

Manna Dey Quote:-

 “Even though both of them (Laxmikant and Pyarelal ) are of my son’s age but would like to touch the feet of both Laxmikant and Pyarelal for their immense talent in music, dedication and complete devotion towards the music”….

Tum Gagan Ke Chandrama Ho             Sati Savitri  1964

(Lata Mangeshkar – Manna Dey  /  Pandit Bharat Vyas)

तुम क्षमा मैं भूल हूँ…..तुम गगन के चंद्रमा ..मै धरा की धूल हूँ.. The extreme of gratitude in love expressed ever in words.A beautiful song composed in Hindustani Raag “Yaman Kalyan”. 53 years have been passed since Lata Mangeshkar and Manna Dey got to gather to sing this magical song, NOT A SINGLE CREASE HAS APPEARED ON THE SMOOTH SHINING SURFACE OF THIS SONG…..The classical based song is mellifluously composed in symphony style orchestra arrangements. Use of soft pieces of VIOLINS and SITAR in all the ‘interludes’ is just mesmerizing. 

Jago Prabhat Aaya                                 Sant Gyaneshwar  1964

(Manna Dey  /  Pandit Bharat Vyas)

Beautiful melodious classical composition. Wonderful use of Chorus.  The song, based on raag Miyan Ki Todi. Solo VIOLIN, in the interlude sounds very nice. Melodious TABLA rhythm.

Ek Ritu Aaye Ek Ritu Jaye                        So Saal Baad  1966

(Lata Mangeshkar – Manna Dey  / Anand Bakshi)

One of the best classical compositions of Laxmikant-Pyarelal superbly sung by Bharat Ratna Lataji and Manna dey, both masters of classical song. The song is called “raag-mala”. Solo VIOLIN, SANTOOR and FLUTE are superbly orchestrated synchronizing TABLA and MRIDANGAM rhythm.

O Meri Maina  Tu Maan Le                   Pyar Kiye Jaa    1966

(Usha Mangeshkar – Manna Dey  /  Rajinder Krishan)

A naughty song, Manna Dey saab has superbly rendered this song, composed in Rock-N-Roll style rhythm. Renditions of the words अयी अयी यो, अयी अयी यो steals the show. Filmed on Mehmood – Mumtaz. Prelude of 22 seconds starts with ACOUSTIC GUITAR, DRUMS, in rock-n-roll rhythm.  BRASS instruments, TRUMPET etc. Manna Dey’ awesome take off..ओ मेरी मैना तू मानले मेरा कहना। First interlude is full of GUITAR and BRASS instruments. Second interlude is also GUITAR and BRASS (TRUMPET), with different tunes. Also enjoy the overlapping sound effects from the singers.

Keh Gaye Father Ibrahim                          Izzat       1968

(Manna Dey  /  Sahir Ludhiyanvi)

It’s a motivational song. Zero prelude starts with wonderful AALAPs from Manna Dey. excellent take off इस तालिमसे बढ़कर जग में कोई नहीं तालीम। Beautiful folkish rhythm of  DHOLAK synchronised melodiously with CHURCH BELL. This sounds good. Interludes are orchestrated with RAVANAHATHA,  FLUTE and NADASWARAM. The strokes of CHURCHBELL in the rhythm gives ear-pleasing moments. The song is filmed on actor comedian Mehmood. 

Sham Dhale Jamuna Kinare                          Pushpanjali   1970

(Lata Mangeshkar – Manna Dey  / Anand Bakshi)

शाम ढले जमुना किनारे ! किनारे ! आजा राजे आजा तुझे शाम पुकारे !

 An amazing work on FLUTE  

In the interludes, overlapping sound effects of FLUTE and MANDOLIN, VIOLIN and RUBAB are worth listening to. Great Composition. Wonderful execution of CHORUS also synchronized with Lataji’s HUMMING and ‘alaaps”. The FLUTE is played by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya who was a regular musician in Laxmikant-Pyarelal Orchestra. 

Jeevan Chalane Ka Naam                            Shor    1971

(Manna Dey – M Kapoor – Shyama Chittar / Indrajeet Singh Tulsi)

Inspiration song. Beautifully composed and filmed while driving Bicycle, on Manoj Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri and Prem Nath. 22 seconds of ‘prelude’ orchestrated with IRANI SANTOOR and VIOLINS. ‘Interludes’ are instrumented with VIOLINS, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, IRANI SANTOOR, MANDOLIN, ACCORDION and BICYCLE BELL. 

Na Mangoo Sona Chandi                               Bobby    1973

(Manna Dey – Shailendra Singh / Vitthalbhai Patel)

Based on “Goa” folk tunes this song starts with an excellent “Prelude” of 54 seconds. All BRASS instruments, GUITAR, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, solo VIOLIN, are wonderfully played in the orchestra.

Dharti Ambar Nind Se Jage                             Chaitali    1974

(Lata Mangeshkar – Manna Dey  / Anand Bakshi)

Hrisihekesh Mukharjee directed film, produced by Manobina Roy, (Bimal Roy’s wife).  

Marvelously sung by Manna Dey & Lata Mangeshkar. Stupefying 19 seconds prelude starts with Lata ji’s mind-boggling HUMMING as well as AALAPS followed by SITAR. Mellifluous TABLA / DHOLAK  rhythm. First interlude is orchestrated with SARANGI, FLUTE, TWEETING sound. Second interlude is full of SAROD. 

Ye Biraha Ki Aag Aisi                             Ponga Pandit  1975

(Manna Dey   /  Rajinder Kishan)

An extremely melodious song rendered by Manna Dey. HUMMING sound is awesomely intermixed with SANTOOR. TEMPLE BELL, SANTOOR, MANJIRA, FLUTE are beautifully orchestrated as a filler and in interludes. A hidden GEM. 

Ajay Poundarik, Vadodara.

By Ajay Poundarik

I am a Mechanical Engineering Graduate. Boiler Proficiency Engineer. Deeply In Love With Hindi Film Music When I Was Eight Years Of Age, Since 1963. I Have A Liking For All Contemporary Music Directors Compositions. I Am A Fan Of Laxmikant-Pyarelal Music. I Have Grown-Up By Listening To Laxmikant-Pyarelal Music. I Like Test Cricket Only. Worked In The Capacity Of General Manager For The Fields Of Project Implementation, Facility Management, Construction Management and Plant Maintenance In INDIA, NIGERIA for Twenty Years & AFGHANISTAN One Year.

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